Photography for those who appreciate the little things in life. Your tiny, personal commentary on travel, culture, and the world around you.

Selected Works

Bright leaves celebrate the start of Spring, Oregon

American flags line up for the 4th of July, Oregon

Cactus spindles threaten wandering adventurers, Chile

Cheery plant reaches for the sun, X

Lone egg awaits the mother's return, Chile

Visible handholds on a man-made wall, Peru

Red vase compliments soft budding branches, Chile

Antique chair stands out against purple wall, Chile

Stone and ice, Chile

Moss resists extremely cold temperatures, Chile

Geometric rocks along the Oregon coast

Locks symbolize couples in unity, Latvia

Riverside signs cast bright reflections in the water, Latvia

Ready and awaiting a float down the river, Latvia

Sun breaks through layered leaves, Latvia

Textures mingle on Latvian beach

Tiny, bright berry in Latvian woods

Rusty forgotten staircase in Latvian countryside

Logs prepared in Latvian country home

Spring blooms, Estonia

Lavander for sale in tiny Spanish town

Colorful tiles decorate Spanish building